About Synxa

SYNXA IT Private Limited is established with the motive of creating industry ready professionals by filling the gap between industry and colleges. At SYNXA, our aim is to upgrade the skills and improve employability of engineering students by transforming textbook geniuses into real time and productive engineers who can build the new things that can change the world.

We dream to fill the gap between industries and engineering college graduates by providing enough skills to engineering graduates needed by the industry and can be directly absorbed directly upon graduation. Thereby, we help companies reduce their training expenses by recruiting graduates who are skilled and can be productive on day one.

We bridge the gap between industries and engineering colleges. We transfer knowledge, resources and technology from companies to colleges and skilled graduates back. We offer training programs that are certified by industry and delivered by well qualified professionals. We strongly believe in up gradation of technical skills can enhance the chances of becoming industry ready professionals directly from colleges.









Our aim is to offer face to face Hands-On-Sessions to the candidates which will help them to understand the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of the innovative World.

We strive to bring in employees from top MNCs of the countries to enable students on latest technologies hence conducting a world-class workshop.

This workshop will enable students to kick start their journey of innovation towards the technology which fascinates them.

People We Work With